Version 4

    Hi Community,


    had an idea around 11 o'clock last night and wanted to to share an awesome new resource with you guys. The resource can be placed on the node's details page to have visibility into ncm from the nodes landing page.

    I have seen a few times when devices are added into npm and not added into ncm so i wanted a way to capture this information and have it accessible from npm. Even when the device is added into ncm there can still be issues downloading configs i.e. when a 'connection is refused' by the device. So i have created a resource to-do well, just that


    At the moment this resource will work with any vendor that is capable of ncm some slight changes to the SQL will be required. dont worry ill show you how to add other vendors into the resource, the current download is checking for only Cisco but you can added what ever vendor.


    the Logic is simple here.

    what were checking is the nodes table and ncm_nodes and where ncm_nodeID is null and vendor is like Cisco then 'should be in ncm module'  and polling the the ncm_nodeproperties into get the last status change and building case statements to give dynamic icons effect lol.





    Updated version:



    Some fundamentals, this report is used in Report Writer so simply place the file here: "C\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports" this report uses the same icons as solarwinds so you should have any issues (hopfully lol)


    Because links are different from my PPE you will need to update the ncm status link to match yours and the download field. you can actually have these links go to anywhere so feel free to point to anywhere



    Here is a snippet of the SQL that you will need to-date to add more vendors in as you can see Cisco is already selected.


      n.Status NOT IN ('9')
    AND (n.Vendor IN ('CISCO','UPDATE HERE')) 
    AND n.nodeID = ${NodeID}


    think that covers everything, perhaps.. just a personal preferences i like this under the 'management' resource 



    Any issues please drop me a line and ill try get back to you asap


    final thing... if you are in the UK please feel free come along to the London SWUG for some more awesome tips and tricks


    June 1, 2017 London, UK SWUG with myself and alexslv


    Updated 14/05/2017:

    Minor SQL for substrings

    updated links to direct access to node properties page for easy access to enable ncm

    updated icon for downloading