Version 6

    Welcome to the IPAM Beta forum and thank you for your participation! My apologies to those of you who received a "rejection" email last week. In preparing this forum for this beta release, automated communications were sent out in error. In any case, welcome back to the group!   Now, for the fun stuff... SolarWinds IP Address Manager 4.5 Beta is now available for download!!


    del_IPAM-button.pngIn this release, we've implemented the following features:

    • Extended API support - For all my script nerds out there, we've extended our API support to provide two-way integration with your 3rd party software. Download the Orion SDK and visit our wiki page for functional details and code snippets.
    • Support for MS SQL 2016
    • Support for BIND 9.9+
    • Web reporting and updated alerting
    • High Availability Support

    For more details about this release, please see the Release Notes. For installation help and other IPAM related documents, please visit our Success Center.


    Post your your raves and rants, questions and concerns here in this forum! And as always, a few important reminders about betas:

    • Betas cannot be installed on the production system you have running today.  We also do not support upgrades from beta to beta, or beta to RC/GA.
    • Betas need to be installed standalone. If you try to install with other Orion Core products, you will receive an incompatibility message which will prevent installation from continuing.
    • You cannot contact Support regarding beta issues.  Please post your questions, concerns and issues here.


    We look forward to hearing from you!