Version 1

    These are the names of the new alerts added to the NPM Alert Manager, that were pre-configured to send email alerts.  Some pre-existed with different names, and were configured to only write to the event log.  I had to go into each one of them and remove the email alert trigger action and in some also remove it from the reset action.  It was confusing to receive some of them as I know I have them configured to NOT send an email alert not realizing there was a new alert with a different name.


    Alert me when AWS throttling is applied for cloud account


    Cloud Instance is in a warning or Critical State


    Alert me when free Cloudwatch polling limit was exceeded


    Group is down (pre-existed as Alert me when a group is down)


    Group is in warning or critical state (pre-existed as Alert me when a group is in warning or critical state)


    High packet loss (pre-existed as High Packet Loss Monitoring)


    Node rebooted (pre-existed as Alert me when a node reboots)


    High response time (pre-existed as High Response Time Monitoring)