Processor Queue Length

Version 1



    below sql query we can use to monitor the "process queue length"



    inner join APM_AlertsAndReportsData

    on (Nodes.NodeID = APM_AlertsAndReportsData.NodeId)

    INNER join (select c1.NodeID, COUNT(c1.CPUIndex) as CPUCount

    from (select DISTINCT CPUMultiLoad.NodeID, CPUMultiLoad.CPUIndex

    from CPUMultiLoad) c1

    group by c1.NodeID) c2 on Nodes.NodeID = c2.NodeID


    APM_AlertsAndReportsData.ComponentName = 'Win_Processor_Queue_Len'

    AND APM_AlertsAndReportsData.StatisticData > c2.CPUCount

    AND nodes.CPULoad > 90