Version 4

    This report is to show the capacity used for all NAS Volumes in a single custom property group.  PLEASE NOTE: In order this to work, you NEED to change the SWQL query.  Replace "NAS_Volume_Test" with the name of your custom property in the first line and last line






    SUM(CapacityAllocated) AS Allocated,

    SUM(CapacityFree) AS Free,

    SUM(CapacityTotal) AS Total,

    1.0*SUM(CapacityAllocated)/SUM(CapacityTotal) AS Percent_Used,

    DateTrunc('hour',ObservationTimeStamp) AS Time

    from orion.SRM.VolumeCapacityStatistics AS Cap

    GROUP BY Cap.Volume.CustomProperties.NAS_Volume_Test, DateTrunc('hour',ObservationTimeStamp)