Version 2

    Starting work on some 'stripped down' versions of charts using highcharts.

    Won't help anyone directly, but the code may give someone else a clue in future endeavors.

    Code is all in a resource file .ascx, uses sql connection (from wluthers mod here: Custom SQL Dynamic Graphing Resource ).

    Pushes that data to json, then reads it via javascript which can generate the highchart.


    This chart is:  Current CPU usage (one bar per node) for all windows VMs.

    if you hover over a column, it tells you which node it refers to.  Clicking on the column takes you to the node details view for that node.



    This chart:  Windows nodes, disk space free.  Each little tiny bar represents 1 disk.  Again, click on the bar to go to 'node details' for that node.

    The scale here is logarithmic, due to having free disk space ranging from 0 GB to 10,000 GB.

    Chart Disk.png

    Last and least, a 24-hour tab from 'node details' with resource usage over last 24 hours for the selected node.  'Disk usage' shows all disks for the node on a single chart.

    Chart Node.png


    jnathlich12 Your work looks very promising...


    You might be better off posting this as a document, which will allow you to track it a little better. (You also get more points too, if that matters...)


    Great job!




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