Version 5

    For all those users that have a large number of CustomProperties in there SolarWinds deployment, here is a MOD that minimizes the Custom Properties section by default and has a show/hide link to display or hide them.  This is a tremendous help when editing a Node and you don't care you have a large number of custom properties to scroll through to get to the threshold settings.


    Updates were made to the file CustomProperties.ascx located at <Drive Letter>\inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\Nodes\Controls\CustomProperties.ascx


    The modifications are:


                    <td class="contentBlockHeader" style="width:10%;">

                            <asp:Label runat="server"><%= this.Caption %></asp:Label>


                        <td style="width: 30%">

                            <a ID="showHide" onclick="toggle('ntta_CustomProperties');" href="#CustomPropertiesHeader">Show</a>

                                 <span style="color: red;">Custom Properties should not need to be changed!</span>


      <% if (UseDefaultManageCustomPropertiesLink) { %>

                        <td class="linktoCPE">


                                <img src="/Orion/Nodes/images/icons/icon_edit.gif" alt="" />

                                <a href="/Orion/Admin/CPE/Default.aspx" class="RenewalsLink" target="_blank">

                                    <%= Resources.CoreWebContent.WEBDATA_SO0_4%></a> </span>


      <% } %>




    <table class="blueBox cpRepeaterTable" ID="ntta_CustomProperties" style="display:none;">




        <script type="text/javascript">

          function toggle(tag) {

              var $ntta_display = $('#' + tag).css('display');

              ($ntta_display === "table") ? $('#' + tag).css('display', "none") : $('#' + tag).css('display', "table");

              $('#showHide').html() == "Hide" ? $('#showHide').html('Show') : $('#showHide').html('Hide');









    @wluther here is this MOD I mentioned at the SWUG.