Version 1

    This is an NCM Inventory report designed to display all interfaces discovered via the last NCM Inventory ran on all NCM nodes.

    the Criteria is Admin Status is up, Operational Status is Down, and the last change was before 1/23/2017


    Download the .xml to a machine that can access the Orion Web Console that has NCM version 7.4.1 or later installed.

    Go to Reports>Manage Reports>Export/Import and click "Import Report"

    Browse to the .xml file and select Open


    The report should now be accessible.


    To edit the report, select the report and click Edit report:

    The fillters are based a dynamic selection and in order to modify, add or delete criteria, select the Edit shown in the Highlighted area

    Current content is:


    To make sure the report renders current results, run an NCM inventory on all nodes ensuring the Interface item is selected,  If not the report will show data as of the last Inventory that was done.