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    Hi All


    I've seen some interface count reports on thwack, but I don't believe it's accurate, as they are using joins.  When doing this, it excludes nodes with no interfaces.


    This is what I have been using (a very simple query) and it gets me the results for nodes with no interface monitoring.


    select n.caption, n.IP_Address [IP_Address], n.vendor [Vendor],

    (select count(*) from interfaces i where i.nodeid = n.nodeid) [iCount]

    from nodes n

    where n.vendor like 'Cisco%'

    order by [iCount] asc



    It can always be expended to show the poller, etc.


    I use it to aid in interface clean up - such as all Cisco nodes needs to have at least 1 interface monitored.  Any device with more than 50 interfaces needs to be reviewed.