Version 6

    These instructions will show you how to update your license information if you are in an environment with no internet connection - using the license manager inside the SolarWinds console.


    • Go to Settings
    • Choose All Settings
    • Go to the Details section
    • Click on License Manager

    web license 1.jpg

    • Check to make sure the License Manager is in “Offline” mode; look for the yellow triangle with the exclamation point in the upper right-hand corner.\



    • If you are not seeing the Yellow Exclamation point and you are offline, you can force the License Manager into Offline mode by entering this URL



    • Choose the product you want to license
    • Click on either of the Active buttons

    web license 2.jpg

    • In the next window you can get your Machine ID and copy it into Notepad (please use Notepad for this process, we have seen instances where WordPad, Word, or other programs might reformat one or more of the characters, a 0 for an O or I for a 1, etc..) this is the information that needs to be sent to us


    Your key  will look similar to this…. [W01E-C4XU-YW26-RPXG-4SUN-83QJ-23ZJ-XYNN-DNAA-ER1F-W2YE-086E-MT4C-003U-002P000Z-03S0]

    web license 3.jpg


    Each product will have its own Machine ID, so you will need to get each key and send it to your sales representative.


    If extending the license on multiple products, I would recommend putting the product name in front of the key to avoid any confusion:

    NPM - xxxx-xxxx-…..

    NCM - xxxx-xxxx-…..

             NTA - xxxx-xxxx-…..


    Importing the License File

    • You will get a license file back from us via email
    • Copy the file to the server
    • Open the SolarWinds console and to the License Manager
    • Choose the product
    • Click on Activate

    web license 4.jpg

    • Click Next

    web license 5.jpg


    • Click Next - since this is an evaluation installation, there is no need to go to the customer portal - this is if only if you own the product and have an active license

    web license  6.jpg


    • Browse to the license file
    • Click Activate

    web license  7.jpg


    • It will tell you the license was update successfully, show it is a temporary key and the expiration date

    web license 8.jpg