Version 1

    If you are evaluating a SolarWinds product, these instructions will show you how to update your license information if you are in an environment with no internet connection.


    • Run the SolarWinds License Manager
    • In the Action column, choose the product you need to Activate or Upgrade or Extend Evaluation

    license manager 1.png

    • Enable the radio button for the server does not have internet access

    license manager 2.png

    • We need the Unique Machine ID in order to generate a license key

    NOTE: Each product will have its own Unique Machine ID, so it needs to be run for each product

    license manager 3.png

    • Click the Copy Unique Machine ID button to generate this value

    license manager 4.png

    • Open Notepad and paste the ID value into notepad, this is the ID that needs to be sent to your slaes rep and we can create the license file

    license manager 5.png

    If you are extending multiple products, list each product and their Unique ID:

    NCM:   Unique ID

    NPM:   Unique ID

    SAM:    Unique ID

    And so on….

    • After we receive the information, we can generate a license file and send it back to you; this file will need to be copied to the disconnected server.
    • Click the Browse button and navigate to the license file
    • Click Next

    license manager 6.png

    • The license will be imported

    license manager 7.png

    • Click Finish