Version 2

    This is a quick set of instructions on how to import the SolarWinds Log & Event Manager appliance into Hyper-V.


    • Download the SolarWinds Log & Event Manager evaluation
    • Extract the files by running the executable

    extracted files.png

    • Start the Hyper-V Manager
    • Go to Action
    • Choose Import Virtual Machine to start the import wizard

    hyperv import virtual machine.png

    • On the ‘Before You Begin’ page click Next (this window may not appear if you have chosen not to show it)

    before you begin.png

    • On the ‘Locate Folder’ page, browse to where you extracted the files, you want to point to the “Virtual Machines 2012 R” folder. In my case the path is - C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager\SolarWinds Log & Event Manager\Virtual Machines 2012 R2
    • Click Next after locating the folder

    brwose to folder.png

    • On the ‘Select Virtual Machine’ page, it should show the SolarWinds Log & Event Manager as the machine and Click Next

    select virtual machine.png

    • On the ‘Choose Import Type’ page, leave the default radio button enabled
    • Click Next

    choose import type.png

    • On the ‘Complete Import Wizard’ page, click Finish

    complete import.png

    • Go to the Settings for the image and make sure you have a Network Adapter assigned to the image, choose the adapter and click Apply

    nework adapter.png

    • Start the virtual machine



    • If you start the machine and you get a ‘No IP address is assigned’ message in the console

    no ip address.png


    • Type ‘shutdown’ and follow the prompts – hit enter if you want to shut down, then type ‘yes’ to confirm it and the image will shutdown


    • Go back to the network adapter settings and go to the Advanced Features, you need to change the MAC address from Dynamic to Static, click Apply and OK

    static mac.png

    • Start the image back up, you will still not have an IP address yet – you need to reset the system
    • Go to the Advanced Configuration


    • Type ‘appliance’
    • Type ‘resetsystemmac’ and follow the prompts to confirm you want to reset the MAC address and this will cause the image to reboot, so you need to confirm the reboot process

    ip address now.png

    • The machine will reboot and you will see and IP address