Version 6

    Server & Application Monitor 6.4 beta includes a newly updated Linux Agent, supporting eight additional component monitor types. This is in addition to nine component monitor types already supported in the original SAM 6.3 Linux Agent release. The following table outlines those Component Monitor types supported in SAM 6.3, as well as the additional component monitor types we added support for in this SAM 6.4 beta release.


    Server & Application Monitor 6.3

    Supported Linux Agent Component Monitor Types

    Server & Application Monitor 6.4 Beta

    Newly Added Linux Agent Component Monitor Types

    Process MonitorHTTP User Experience Monitor
    TCP Port MonitorHTTPS User Experience Monitor
    Linux/Unix Script MonitorFile Age Monitor
    Nagios Script MonitorFile Change Monitor
    SNMP MonitorFile Count Monitor
    JMX MonitorFile Existence Monitor
    ODBC User Experience MonitorFile Size Monitor
    Oracle User Experience MonitorDirectory Size Monitor
    Tomcat Component Monitor


    The Server & Application Monitor 6.4 beta marks the first time any of the File or Directory Component Monitor types have been available for use on Linux based systems. In all previous releases of SAM, those Component Monitor types could be used exclusively to monitor Windows based systems. It's important to note however that this remains true for Agentless File/Directory monitoring in the SAM 6.4 beta. To leverage any of the newly supported File or Directory Component Monitor types against a Linux based system, the Linux Agent is required. This means that the Linux machine you plan to monitor must have the Linux Agent installed, and that the Node is managed using the Agent within Orion.



    Once the Linux Agent is deployed, utilizing any of these newly supported component monitors requires no special configuration. Simply configure the component no differently than you would or agentless monitoring. In the case of File or Directory based Component Monitor types, ensure you are using Unix style pathing, rather than Windows path structures. Below is an example of what the Directory Size Monitor configuration might look like. Note the 'Full Directory Path'.


    Directory Size Monitor - Linux Agent Example ConfigurationNewly Supported Linux Agent Component Monitor Types


    Below I've attached a sample template which includes all new Linux Agent supported Component Monitor types pre-configured. To give these newly support components a try download the template, import it into your SAM 6.4 beta install, and apply it to one or more nodes managed via the Linux Agent.


    JMX Component Monitor Wizard


    Some of the feedback we receive with the initial release of the Linux Agent was the lack of support for the JMX Component Monitor Wizard. While the JMX Component Monitor Wizard could be used to create new JMX Component Monitors for agentlessly managed nodes, it could not be used in the same manner for nodes managed using the Linux Agent. In this SAM 6.4 beta this behavior has been corrected, and you can now utilize the JMX Component Monitor Wizard no differently for Linux nodes managed with the Agent as you would for those managed agentlessly.  All JMX communication is performed locally when the Agent is used, increasing security by not requiring those JMX ports to be accessible remotely via the network.


    JMX Component Monitor Wizard - Linux AgentJMX Component Monitors - Linux Agent


    Are you using Agents in your environment? Let us know what improvements you'd like to see in future releases. Not running agents in your environment yet? Let us know what agentless limitation would need to be overcome using the Agent that would cause you to consider deploying some number of agents in your environment.