Version 4

    In this article you will learn how to collect the SRM Recording from the device when its been asked to upload by the SolarWinds Tech Support


    Please download the SRM Recorder from below link .



    Please find the instructions as below .

    Please unzip folder “Recorder”

    Run file “SolarWinds.Tools.SMIS.DeviceRecorder.exe”

    In the opened window (SRM Device Recorder), upper left corner, please click on “Record” and choose “SMI-S Device”




    In the opened window (SMI-S Connection Form) please change the following:





    IP Address - please type in IP address of your device

    SMI-S Parameters:Parameters:

    Username – your username, when connecting to device

    Password – your password, when connecting to device

    Use HTTPS: your standard settings

    Port: your standard settings

    Interop Namespace: please leave as it is

    Test CIMClass: please leave as it is

    Click “OK”

    Before making a recording, please make the following settings in “Record Options”:

    Max Count of threads: 10

    Count of recordings: 4

    Delay in minutes: 15

    Get All Namespaces: checkmark



    If the file is larger then 5 MB



    Sending Large or Secure Files To SolarWinds

    Use these instructions to send file attachments that are over 5mb in size or to upload files to a secure server.

    1. Open your browser and navigate to

    2. Click on the link labeled Secure Upload.

    3. In the Recipient Email box put

    4. Enter your name and email address.

    5. In the subject line field put "Attn <agent name> case # <case number>."  A subject is required to move to the next page.

    6. Click the link for Select files to send (Regular Upload).  The Enhanced upload can take a long time so please do not use this option.

    7. Add any instructions to clarify for the SolarWinds tech how to use your files.  This is a good place to describe to the tech what he is seeing.  A message is required.

    8. At the bottom, click the button for "Select files to send (Regular Upload)".

    9. On the next page, attach the files you want to send.

    10. At the bottom click the "Upload & Send" button.

    11. The Leapfile system does not notify your SolarWinds agent that they have files available.  Please send your support representative an email to let them know that your files are waiting.