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    Hi Guys,


    Thought I'd share this as I have not found it anywhere but managed to get it working, and i'm sure I'm not going to be the only one that has this similar dilemma

    Currently I have 2x OID's setup in UDP that polls the CPU & Memory details for Cisco WLAN Controllers (55xx)


    agentCurrentCPUUtilization -

    agentFreeMemory -


    The Memory was displayed in kbytes which sucked on the table I created. So i wanted to transform it from Kbytes to percent, but needed to find out how.

    I then added the below OID


    agentTotalMemory -


    Then I created a transform result using the below configuration;




    The above basically takes the free memory and divides it from the total memory, times by 100 which equals the percentage.

    I added the Truncate Function as it displayed too may numbers i.e. 43.256874587, using this command I was able to shorten it to 2 decimal places 43.25


    This is now what it looks like on my web page;



    Hope this help you all...



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