Version 1

    This is a walk-through of the Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring for AWS feature in the SAM 6.4 Beta.


    Once you have the SAM 6.4 Beta installed, you will see a new item in the menu labeled Cloud. This will take you to the new Cloud Summary page.
    From the Cloud Summary page you can access the Getting Started with Cloud Monitoring wizard by clicking on the Monitor my Cloud Instances button. You can also find this on the Orion Summary page.
    The Getting Started with Cloud Monitoring wizard will walk you through two main steps, adding a cloud account and choosing instances to monitor. To begin the wizard, click on the Get Started button.
    You will need your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for the the first section to the Add a Cloud Account step. To test your settings click the Test Connection button.
    The second section of the Add a Cloud Account step allows you to define if you want to Auto monitor any newly launched instances. You can also define the frequency of CloudWatch Polling.
    Once Orion has discovered the instances, you can search or filter for specific instances, and define to Monitor or Do Not Monitor them.
    When you finish, you can navigate to the Cloud Summary page. There you will see several resources including Cloud Instance Summary Status, Cloud Volume Performance, Last 25 Cloud Events, and more.
    When you click on a particular Cloud Instance, you will be taken to the Cloud Instance Details page. Here you will be able to see details about the specific Cloud Instance, as well as use the Cloud Instance Management functions or the Manage Instance As Node to start the Orion Add Node wizard. AWS CloudWatch collected metrics will also be shown on this page.
    You can also navigate to the Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Settings page from the Cloud Summary or Main Settings pages. From here you can choose Add Cloud Account, Manage Cloud accounts, Retention Settings, or Edit Global Thresholds.


    Thanks for checking out the Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring for AWS feature. Please be sure to post your feedback or comments in the Server & Applications Monitor Beta forum.