Version 6

    Welcome to the SAM Beta Forum, and thank you again agreeing to help us with the SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor 6.4 Beta. The beta is now available for download and includes several exciting new features which we are eager to receive feedback on. As always, we ask that you post this beta feedback here in the Server & Applications Monitor Beta forum, on Thwack.



    What's New?

    • Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring for AWS - Collect data and metrics about your EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes, directly from AWS. The data and metrics can then viewed along side the detailed metrics of the applications and operating systems running directly on those monitored AWS EC2 Instances, for a complete view of your public cloud hosted, application workloads.
    • Performance Analysis Dashboard - Built into the Orion platform, Performance Analyzer will allow you to search for entities and metrics monitored by SAM, SRM, VMAN, WPM, NPM, NTA, and quickly drag and drop to build time series charts for quick troubleshooting.
    • Import Nodes from File - Leverage a existing or recently generated text files to import your devices into Orion without scanning the network.



    • This beta is not a full feature release and contains a subset of features in order to obtain focused feedback

    • Upgrades for betas are not supported
    • Known issues in the beta can be found here
    • Please also note, you cannot contact SolarWinds Support regarding beta issues.


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    What's Next?