Version 1

    The attached zip file contains the fresh, out-of-the-box alerts as created during the installation process for NPM 12.0.1, SAM 6.3.0, and NTA 4.2.1.


    The precise product-line banner at the bottom of the webpage reads:

    Orion Platform 2016.2.100, DPA 10.2.0, NPM 12.0.1, IVIM 2.1.2, NetPath 1.0.1, QoE 2.2.0, SAM 6.3.0, NTA 4.2.1 © 1999-2016 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


    I share these because I had dorked-up my own alerts so bad that I had to do these 'demo' installs in order to get back to the beginning. Hope this work helps someone in the future!