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    SolarWinds Orion is great at collecting information but kinda not so great at presenting that data in a cohesive way; however, it stores all of that data in SQL. This is GREAT! We can leverage that to create powerful reports. I thought I would share a SQL Query to present this data well. The attached example shows the installation status of McAfee across the enterprise you are monitoring.


    Preparing SolarWids

    • Have scheduled tasks that scan VLANs to find new devices
    • Enable Asset Inventory collection on all Nodes
      • Linux can do this with SNMP
      • Windows will do this with WMI
    • Update Node polling to something more reasonable than 1 hour, unless thats your requirements
    • You have all of the data you need, NOW do something with it!


    My example is used to determine the status of McAfee Agent, VSE, and MOVE deployment across the enterprise. This is a great way to validate McAfee deployment versus just using the ePO console. The goal is to use this as an example and alter it for your own requirements.



    1. Download the attached docuemnt McAfee_Installation_Report.OrionReport
    2. Copy the document to a location that is accessible by your SolarWinds server
    3. Log into your SolarWinds server
    4. Open Orion Report Write
    5. Select Open
    6. Select Execute SQL Query button
      1. You should see values populate the Lower Window
    7. In the broader Orion Report Write Window, Select Save
    8. Open SolarWinds Website
    9. Goto a View (You will want to create a new tab or column)
    10. Select Customize Page
    11. Select Add Tab or Add New Column
    12. Within the new Column, select the + symbol
    13. In the Search all resources, type report and select Search
    14. Check the box next to Report from Orion Report Writer
    15. Select Add Selected Resources button
    16. Select Done in the Customize view page
    17. Select Configure this resource in the newly added Report from Orion Report Writer section
    18. In the Select a Report drop down menu, select McAfee Installation Report
    19. Select Submit button
    20. You will not see a better formatted view of the data from Step 6.1
      1. This data will update in real time as SolarWinds polls the enterprise, you may uncover servers or workstations that do not have the software installed. Following installation of the software and a poll of SolarWinds, the report will be updated.


    Overall, this is very straight forward but I wanted to share these steps in the hopes that others that may wonder if SolarWinds can do more for them will know that it can or to help those who are trying to figure out something similar.


    Screen shot of the SQL Query



    If you have any questions, please let me know.