DPA Beta - Azure SQL Database

Version 3

    Welcome to the latest DPA beta!  This beta will cover installing DPA on an Azure VM, registering one or more Azure SQL DB for monitoring, then evaluating the data DPA is showing in the Database.

    What's Required

    • Azure VM:  You will need to provide a Azure VM with SQL server, the A3 or D1 are sufficient.
      • Alternative:  Spin up a Windows VM, install MySQL yourself
    • Azure SQL databases:  For the beta, we prefer to monitor databases that are not production, but QA and DEV should be fine.  Plan to register about 10 databases.
    • Powershell: Your VM will need Powershell installed
    • For this beta, we will use mass registration to register your Azure SQL Databases.  The registration wizard doesn't support register single Azure SQL Databases yet.


    • Logon to your Azure VM and download the DPA Beta installer
    • Install DPA and configure the repository.
      • You can manually register supported databases (SQL Server, MySQL, etc.) but not Azure SQL.
    • Run the Powershell script
    • Open the CSV file in excel
      • Trim the number of rows to about 10 (since this is a beta).
      • The privileged user should be pre-populated with the admin user. Add the admin password for that instance.
      • The monitoring user should be pre-populated with "dpamonitor".  Add the password you want to use for monitoring.
      • Save the file as CSV, double check it in a text editor to make sure its comma delimited

    • Run Mass Registration:  Options > Monitor Setup > Mass Registration
      • Warning: In the CSV, if your server name plus database name is longer than about 80 characters, you might get an error when you try to upload it in the next step.  This will be fixed in the final version, but at the moment I don't have a workaround - please try a different server and database.
      • Select "Azure SQL Database" from the dropdown, then choose "From local computer" and select the CSV.
      • DPA will go through its pre-registration tests and tell you if you have anything wrong
      • One you have some databases that are ready, go ahead and press the Register Valid Databases button.  It will take 30-60 seconds for each DB to register.
      •   Once complete, you should get a successful message and click Done.
    • What happens now?
      • DPA will start monitoring the registered Azure SQL databases.
      • You can see near real time under the current tab, but the trends tab will take about two hours populate.
      • Important: Provide feedback in various ways

    Additional notes:

    • Most of DPA features work for Azure SQL DB just like SQL server, but you may see some data missing or features disabled.
    • We are working on Azure SQL DB as a repository for DPA - but not available in this beta..


    Thanks so much for participating in the beta!!!


    The DPA Team.