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    I was inspired today while explaining to a co-worker on how to see what AP's were online on controllers.  Had never noticed how long the "List of Thin APs" get's on a FlexController that has thousands of AP's associated with it before.   Not only is the list super long, but its not sorted!  Doesn't make things easy on folks!


    I'm not a fan of what it does to get the channels.  I don't know of a way to make a comma separated list of values returned from a query in SWQL.  I can do it in SQL in a very complex manor, but not here.  So, while this method works ok on AP's with dual channels (ie: 2.4 and 5), those with just 2.4 get the same channel listed twice.  That's because I'm cheating a bit and building the list from concatenating two queries that return the first and last value in the list - just by coincidence the list is at most 2 values!   I tried making it neater using another "CASE" statement, but couldn't get a syntax that would work.


    Unlike a lot of tables there is no field for the "status" icon either, so I had to build it with another case statement.


    But, you end up with something that looks like this rather than the super long list.


    Instructions are fairly simple.  Just open up a LAN controller in Orion and click on "Customize Page".  Add a "Custom Query" resource and paste in the Base query into the one box.  Tell it how many lines you want it to return, I did 15.   Tell it you want to allow searching and paste in the search query.  Then, once you're happy, remove the old "List of Thin Access Points" resource and you're set!


    Another bonus, because its not displaying so much the page loads faster!!  Even faster if you take out the Channels.


    Lots of good stuff in this one to teach about SWQL and such!



    The names and the IP addresses have been obscured to protect the innocent!!