Version 5

    PowerShell commands to check the counts for Users, Computers, OUs, and GPOs in AD environment


    Count how many users are...

    • Inactive, Expired, Locked, Disabled, Configured with Non-Expiring Passwords


    Get computer counts

    • Disabled


    Get OU counts

    • Empty OUs


    Get group counts

    • Empty Groups


    Get GPO counts

    • Unused GPOs (no links found)


    Subnet not Assigned to AD Site

    • **NEW** Added new monitor for subnet events. 5807 is the result of new subnets/vlans initiating authentication requests that are not accounted for in Sites and Services. This is just an indication for admins to check the netlogon.log file.



    Runs on SAM poller Local Host so the SAM system must have...

    1. RSAT + AD PowerShell module enabled

    2. PowerShell 4.0 (standard with Windows Server 2012 R2+)