Version 2

    fellow thwacksters,


    Want to share a problem > solution, what i wanted to know is how many alerts triggered on a specif day and then what nodes nodes triggered them alerts and how many times in that day that node triggered an alert the reason i wanted this report was to be in a position to review my thresholds and review problem areas with nodes causing noise, this report will also show me alert noise improving over time so i can keep track of alerting efficiency with the goal of getting the down which is necessary if the NOC is just ignoring alerts.


         > Total Alerts Overview,i have grouped the total number alerts per day to give me the individual day total alert count

         > Detailed Alert View: Here you can see how many times a node triggered an alert on that day (noise) having this information i can identify problem areas and introduce extra logic around alert you have a single place to see noisy alerts and problem areas

    Some final comments you can change the date ranges for report simply  (default is 30 days)


    Change the following:

    Total Alerts report:

    WHERE EventTypeWord = 'Triggered' AND DATEDIFF(DAY,TimeStamp, GETDATE()) < 30 

    Detail Alert view:

    WHERE EventTypeWord = 'Triggered' AND DATEDIFF(DAY,TimeStamp, GETDATE()) < 30