Version 7

    Heres a quick walk through on how to run NCM scripts through Configuration Management and how to view the results.

    You will need

    • Account Access: Your account must at least have the WebDownloader role to download configs, and the WebUploader role to execute a script against nodes.
    • SolarWinds Access
    • NCM module

    This document demonstrates how to run show Commands on a Cisco Device.

    • show boot-config
    • show cdp
    • show cdp neighbors
    • show config
    • show controllers
    • show diagnostic interface Ethernet
    • show interfaces
    • show logging
    • show running-config
    • show stacks
    • show version
    • show vlan brief


    The purpose of this is so you can run ‘Show’ commands on network devices without logging on to the device which helps to remove human error accessing devices.

    • Step 1

    Select the following:

    Click add new script

    Enter Script name

    Enter script

    • Select Configuration management
    • Find the node
    • Execute script

    Select script and execute and Select Yes

    To review the output:

    • transfer status
    • script results

    hay presto

    hope this helps its been a huuuuge help for me and the NOC guys