Version 2

    Updated to use hover-overs & expose more details.


    Polling Engine Report


    By default, this sorts the Primary Polling Engine first and then all Add'l Polling Engines by Name.


    If you want to put the SWQL into a Custom Query widget, the code is:

    SELECT        CASE 
                     WHEN [N].Caption IS NULL THEN [E].ServerName
                     ELSE CONCAT('<a href="', [N].DetailsUrl, '">', [N].[Caption], '</a>')
                    END AS [Caption]
                  , [E].ServerType
                  , [N].DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_Caption]
                  , ROUND([N].SystemUpTime / 60 / 60 / 24, 2 ) AS [Uptime (Days)]
                  , MinuteDiff([E].KeepAlive, GETUTCDATE()) AS [Last Checkin (Minutes)]
                  , [E].Elements AS [Monitored Elements]
                  , [E].Nodes AS [Monitored Nodes]
                  , [E].Interfaces AS [Monitored Interfaces]
                  , [E].Volumes AS [Monitored Volumes]
                  , [E].Pollers AS [Monitored UnDP]
                  -- Comment out the follow line if you don't own SAM
                  , [SAM].ComponentCount AS [Monitored Components]
                  , [E].EngineVersion
                  , CONCAT([E].WindowsVersion, '/', [E].ServicePack ) AS [OS/SP]
                  , [N].CPULoad AS [CPU %]
                  , [N].PercentMemoryUsed AS [Mem %]
                  , [E].PollingCompletion AS [Polling Completion %]
    FROM Orion.Engines AS [E]
    -- Use of LEFT JOIN so that we can show Engines even if we aren't monitoring them... but we should be monitoring them
    LEFT JOIN Orion.Nodes AS [N]
      ON [E].IP = [N].IP_Address
    -- Comment out the follow block if you don't own SAM
    -- [BEGIN] SAM Information...
    INNER JOIN ( SELECT COUNT([AA].ComponentID) AS ComponentCount
                      , [N].EngineID
    FROM Orion.APM.Component AS [AA]
    INNER JOIN Orion.APM.Application AS [A]
       ON [AA].ApplicationID = [A].ApplicationID
    INNER JOIN Orion.Nodes AS [N]
       ON [A].NodeID = [N].NodeID
    WHERE [AA].Disabled = 'False'
    GROUP BY [N].EngineID ) AS [SAM]
       ON [SAM].EngineID = [E].EngineID
    -- [END] SAM Information
    ORDER BY [E].ServerType DESC, [N].Caption



    Inspired by Orion_Polling_Engine_Load.OrionReport, I decided to take that and move it to the Web Report.


    Feedback is appreciated!