Orion Polling Engine Report

Version 1

    Inspired by Orion_Polling_Engine_Load.OrionReport, I decided to take that and move it to the Web Report.


    Feedback is appreciated!


    Tested on:

    High Availability Services2016.2.1.116
    Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor2.1.2.830
    NetFlow Traffic Analyzer4.2.1.2352
    Orion Core Services2016.2.100.859
    Orion DPA10.2.0.1166
    Orion Improvement Program2.6.123.0
    Orion NetPath1.0.3.31437
    Orion Network Performance Monitor12.0.15100.74
    Orion Storage Resource Manager6.3.0.1303
    Orion Toolset11.0.3.1245
    Quality of Experience Monitor2.2.0.13
    Server & Application Monitor6.3.0.1325
    SolarWinds NCM Integration Plugin7.5.1.191
    SolarWinds User Device Tracker3.2.4.5117
    VoIP and Network Quality Manager4.2.4.10243