Version 1



    As normally, we can get the SQL query details of which is made in "report witter", Go to sql tab and get the query details.

    But below is the step, it helps we can get the SQL query details which is being used by "Web Based" report.


    1- you log into the Solarwinds Server
    - Open Log Adjuster
    - At the Top, Change Hubble Active value to "True"
    - Click Apply

    Now go to the web console and you will see hubble is active on the web interface.

    View the report in the same way.
    - Click Details in the red menu bar for Hubble
    - Scroll to the bottom of the Hubble Details page and you will see the SQL Query which we use to pull the report from the Orion Database.


    Note - After copy and paste the query, please again change the Value in log adjuster from "true" to "false".