Version 1

    Displays Node Name, Processor and thread count, Serial Number. Note: Custom Properties required for report to work.


    To import the Report, go under Reports> All Reports, Manage Reports, Export/Import> Import Report.

    Select the file.



    Notes for this Report. Custom Properties are required to be created to input some of the details.



    All Settings> Manage Custom Properties

    Select Add Custom Property, select Node



    To create Building, select it from the left grey side.

    Comments is created for Nodes by default.



    Once the Custom Properties are created, the data needs to be inputted/imported



    Select the Property Names (make sure object states Node) and select View/Edit Values. You will be able to insert data for multiple devices at a time. Import Values can import excel and csv, which will then match based on IP or hostname (Caption)



    Once the Custom Properties have been created, the Report will run without errors. If the Properties have not all been created, only the software inventory will be displayed.





    Import custom property values from an external document