Version 1

    Would like to share this for those who want to have the CDP Neighbors of your switches without monitoring all ports of the switches.


    First I would like to thank blsanner that help me with the SWQL query and cnorborg that wrote this document and put me on the track for this one.


    You need to create an UdNP to get the local interface name and assign it to the device you want CDP Neighbor to show up.

    Then in the Orion Web interface choose where you want your table to show up then click customize page view and add a “Custom Query” to your view, then edit the custom query Name It CDP Neighbors and paste this SWQL query:


    SELECT cps.Status AS [Local Interface], cdp.IPAddress AS [IP Address], cdp.DeviceId AS Device, cdp.DevicePort AS [Remote Interface] FROM  Orion.NodeCdpEntry cdp INNER JOIN Orion.NPM.CustomPollerStatusOnNodeTabular cps ON cdp.NodeID = cps.NodeID WHERE cdp.IfIndex LIKE cps.RowID AND cdp.NodeID = ${NodeID}


    It worked OK on all my switches and this is what it look like.


    Hope this will help!!!