Version 2

    Purpose of app:

    X/Y mode is used when normal mode recording is not suitable. During recording of X/Y real time duration among keystrokes is used. For each key press 2 action is triggered with this duration. Editing duration values can be then a quite a long process. This application allow you to create the same X/Y recording with custom duration for X/Y actions. Lowering duration then may have a positive effect on Player Load.


    1. Original recording:
    2016-08-17 11_20_52-Web Transaction Recorder - New sequence.png

    2. Select it in application

    2016-08-17 11_23_54-Open.png

    3. Select custom delays and click generate

    2016-08-17 11_24_15-FAST X_Y.png


    4. Save new recording

    2016-08-17 11_24_38-Save As.png


    5. New X/Y recording

    2016-08-17 11_26_09-Program Manager.png

    Known limitation: Password protected recordings



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