Version 3

    Hey THWACK!


    A few of the MVPs and myself have collaborated on our tips and tricks for what "we" do on our environments to keep them running smooth and we are really excited to share them with you in the hopes they might help you in your quest for Monitoring Glory.

    This is of course not all encompassing so if you've got measures, tools, scripts you think should be living on this and with everyone else - light it up in the comments or contact one of us and we'll work it in. We want this to live; but not become Frankenstein's monster.


    As always, we aren't lawyers and this isn't legal advice - your mileage and environments may vary wildly so MAKE DARN SURE you are following SolarWinds' sanctioned, patented Admin Guides from the Success Center and basically anything support OR anything patrick.hubbard kong.yang sqlrockstar adatole Dez says.


    Super special thanks to silverbacksays shuth Radioteacher for collaborating on this!