Version 5

    This Template Monitors the Basic functionality of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12 Systems (EV)

    It should work as well on EV 11.0.1 however I have not tested the Powershell script on other Versions than 12.0.0 / 12.0.1 and 12.0.2

    This Monitor Uses 10 Components


    Prerequisites: You need WMI, Powershell and Performance Counters working (able to monitor)  on your Enterprise Vault server.

    Credentials: You can specify any credential that is authorized to monitor Enterprise Vault in the EV role based administration (See the Add-EVRBARoleMember CMDLet in Enterprise Vault management console)


    Monitored Components:

    Enterprise Vault Services:

    The Following Services of EV are monitored on their up/down status, CPU load, IOPS and memory used

    - Enterprise Vault Admin Service

    - Enterprise Vault Directory Service

    - Enterprise Vault Indexing Service

    - Enterprise Vault Shopping Service

    - Enterprise Vault Storage Service

    - Enterprise Vault Task Controller Service


    Related Windows Services

    The following related services are monitored on their up/down status CPU load, IOPS and memory used

    - Microsoft IIS Service

    - Microsoft Message Queuing Service


    Performance Counters

    The total count of all MSMQs is monitored. This monitor should give an example how one can monitor the individual counts of the Enterprise Vault Message Queues (A1 - A7 / R1 R2 / admin ...) The specific thresholds need to be determined by the EV-Admin. However during normal operation the queues are emptied very fast and not many items should stay in the queues for a long period of time.


    Powershell Script to get the Task Status

    This component returns the status of the Enterprise Vault Tasks. Be aware if you have more than 10 tasks running, only 10 will be displayed -> This is a restriciton of  the Solarwinds SAM Powershell Monitor


    If you have any Questions feel free to contact me, I will try to answer as fast as possible.