Version 1

    Problem: I needed a way to associate Changes in WebHelpDesk with Outages in SAM (Orion).


    Solution: I wrote a Powershell script to write Events to the Orion Node Details page by associating a custom field in WHD with the Node IP. 



    • I created 2 custom fields in WHD. One named 'Node IP', and another named 'Orion Event Updated'. Ensure these Custom Fields are associated with the ticket type. The Node IP is used to map the associated Node in Orion; the Orion Event Updated is to identify events already sent.
    • Create a service user in WHD and Orion to execute API requests. I created an Admin in Orion,I used the API key in WHD.
    • Install Powershell file and update Connection settings and Custom Field values. There are 3 Custom Field values to update, read the Script for an example to get the values.
    • Install the Orion SDK on the host running the scheduled task.
    • Setup Script as a scheduled task, mine runs every 15 minutes.
    • In the Orion Node Details page, I added 2 "Custom Query" resources.
      • One for Node Specific, one Global
        • SELECT top 25 NetworkNode as Node, Message, EventTime  FROM Orion.Events WHERE NetworkNode = ${NodeID}" and EventTime > Addhour(-24,GETDATE()) and EventType=1000 order by eventtime desc
        • SELECT top 6 Message, EventTime as EventTime_CST FROM Orion.Events WHERE EventTime > Addhour(-24,GETDATE()) and EventType=1000 and NetObjectType='AM' order by eventtime desc



    Now I can see when others are working on a node that alerts or when someone else's change causes disruption down stream.


    Hope this helps.