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    SolarEGGS   wasssup,


    Want to drop in and share a report with you chaps on events triggered by your interfaces over the last 7 days with active links and status LED's, from my previous report on Volume Report - Fixed Disk - Available - Size - Used - overall volume capacity with Thresholds  i know we like our custom properties so i have built them in for customer and vendor.

    this report will will give you a overview on the types of events that are triggering on your interfaces that you might have missed.

    Behind the scenes


    select CONVERT(VARCHAR(24),e.eventtime,113) AS Triggered
      ,'<img src="/NetPerfMon/images/Small-' + n.StatusLED + '"/>' + '<a href="' + '/Orion/NetPerfMon/ActiveAlertDetails.aspx?NetObject=N:' + CAST(n.nodeid AS varchar(256)) + '" style="font-size:100%">' + n.caption + '</a>' AS 'NODE'
      ,'<img src="/NetPerfMon/images/Small-' + i.StatusLED + '"/>' + '<a href="' + '/Orion/NetPerfMon/ActiveAlertDetails.aspx?NetObject=i:' + CAST(i.interfaceID AS varchar(256)) + '" style="font-size:100%">' + i.InterfaceName + '</a>' AS 'INTERFACE'
      ,i.ObjectSubType polling_method
      ,CONVERT(VARCHAR(24),i.NextPoll,113) NextPoll
      ,case e.EventType
      when 10 then 'Interface down'
      when 11 then 'Interface up'
      when 12 then 'interface shutdown'
      when 13 then 'interface unknown'
      end 'Interface Events'
      from events e 
      LEFT JOIN Nodes n on n.NodeID = e.NetworkNode
      LEFT JOIN Interfaces i on i.InterfaceID = e.NetObjectID
      where e.EventType IN('10','11','12','13') 
    --change the 7 to a number within your event retention window
      and (e.EventTime > GETDATE()-7) 
    -- you can comment the vendor n.n_customer and insert your own customer here also comment in the select statement the n.n_customer
      --and (n.n_customer like 'del%') 
    --you can comment the vendor n.vendor and insert your vendors here also comment in the select statement the n.vendor
      --AND n.Vendor IN('Cisco','Windows')
      Group by 
      e.eventtime,n.nodeid, n.caption,i.InterfaceName,i.ObjectSubType,i.NextPoll,e.EventType,e.NetworkNode,i.interfaceID,n.StatusLED, n.n_customer,n.Vendor,i.StatusLED
      order by e.EventTime desc 


    Please download and enjoy


    thank you