Version 2

    This report will identify UNDP Pollers that are assigned to Nodes but have null values. my goal here is to have a report that shows me where that 'no Data' is apparent. i have used status filters because i dont want to know if the node or interfaces is either down(status 2) or unmanned (status 9) but i want to know if the node is up.


    i dont have any UNDP Pollers assigned to interfaces il be surprise to see what values you get back lol

    Here is the SQL for copy and pasting convenience


    select '<img src="/NetPerfMon/images/Small-' + n.StatusLED + '"/>  ' + '<a href="/Orion/View.aspx?View=NodeDetails&NetObject=N:' + CAST(n.NodeID AS varchar(256)) + '" style="font-size:100%">' + N.Caption + '</a>' AS NODE
    ,ISNULL(av.CurrentValue,'No UNDP Data') AS 'Value'
    from Nodes n with(nolock) 
    join CustomPollerAssignmentView av with(nolock)on av.NodeID=n.NodeID
    left join interfaces i with(nolock) on i.InterfaceID = av.InterfaceID
    where (av.CurrentValue IS NULL) AND (n.Status NOT IN('9','2')) OR (i.Status NOT IN('9','2'))


    many thanks