Version 1

    This expands on the excellent "CUSTOM SWQL TO MANAGE ASSIGNED APPLICATION MONITORS WITH SEARCH BAR" by hcy01uk . My view is a Component Credentials search that shows credentials for all apps and components:




    Configuration is similar to the Original:

    1. Add a custom query resource and a custom HTML resource to the view.
      1. Edit the custom query resource.
      2. Paste the contents of Component_Credentials_Custom_Query.txt into the "Custom SWQL Query" box.
      3. Check the "Enable Search" box.
      4. Paste the contents of Component_Credentials_Custom_Search.txt  into the "Search SWQL Query" box.
      5. Click the "Submit" button.
    2. Edit the custom HTML resource.
      1. Paste the contents of Component_Credentials_Legend.txt into the HTML code box.
      2. Click the "Submit" button.