Version 7

    SolarEGGs lol that always makes me laugh anyway,


    Here is a report for a question that i wanted to answer and i know that before i post this i have wayyyyyy OVER  thought this and yea sure it can be done in the SolarWinds interface but i want to become awesome supreme SolarWinds SQL genius


    So off we go..

    the first part of this report is selecting the volume size's, volume space used, volume space available, percent used by adding them all up giving you the total volume sizes. i have based the where statement to only show vendors like Windows and select the volume type as Fixed disk thats all thats really happening here in the first part. you can indeed change the where statement to include custom properties and group your beloved nodes how every you want.

    --you can edit this WHERE statement to filter the out any nodes you want to see  in the report 
    WHERE(n.n_customer like 'name of Customer') AND VolumeType IN('Fixed Disk', 'FixedDisk')


    Version 1.3



    Report features:

    • Report now includes THRESHOLDS per volume that will check the thresholds of your volumes and present them here.
    • Order percent used by highest first
    • clickable drives for direct volume landing page
    • clickable Nodes for direct Node landing page
    • report includes volumes, Size, Used, Available, Percent used, Warning Thresholds, Critical thresholds  
    • custom properties enabled for customer and any CP you use to group nodes


    -- you can change this report to only show your customers or vendors any CP you want really 
    (n.n_customer LIKE 'name of Customer') AND (VolumeType like 'Fix%') AND (n.Vendor like 'Windows')


    to group the nodes simply

    your end product will look like this

    Simply download the attached for the two reports and one SUPER important thing to remember is

    stay EGGY SolarWinds


    please feel free to ask any questions on improvements or adjustments

    credits to alexslv for the rounding and converting magic.