Play multiple videos in consoleat one time

Version 1

    below is html script to play multiple videos at one time

    first save videos at website folder "inetpub/Orion/foldername/Videos/xxx.mp4

    insert custom html resource in view and copy paste below scipt, but dont forget to change file name and path.

    folder should be share folder.


    <!DOCTYPE html>
      <body onload="clear()">
      <button onclick="april()" type="button">April 2016</button>
      <button onclick="may()" type="button">May 2016</button><br>
      function clear(){
      document.getElementById("myVideo1").style.display = "none";
      document.getElementById("myVideo").style.display = "none";}
      <video id="myVideo" controls width="1000" height="900" >
      ="april_src" src="//" type="video/mp4">;
      <video id="myVideo1" controls width="1000" height="900" >
      ="may_src" src="//" type="video/mp4">;
      function april() {
           document.getElementById("myVideo1").style.display = "none";
          document.getElementById("myVideo").style.display = "inline";
      function may() {
      document.getElementById("myVideo").style.display = "none";
      document.getElementById("myVideo1").style.display = "inline";