Version 4

    Hi Guys,


    I just wanted to share with you a concept that I came up with accidentally about a year ago and since then it became my #1 Go-To page in SolarWinds for assessing any problems. I will keep it short and to the point - more picture, less text



    Landing pages for Nodes, Interfaces, Volumes, IP SLA, Component - all have sub-tab which I call TRENDS (YES! In capitals! Because it deserves!)





    I split page into 3 columns, 500px size each. Then I stick on top HTML resource which explains what each column means, following by set of charts with different zoom levels: Last 30 days (aggregated by hour), Last 3 Month (aggregated by day), 1 Year (aggregated by week)


    One disclaimer though - I haven't been running SolarWinds for a 1 whole year here, so, charts will be missing some data - but you will get the point and yours ones will look waaaay cooler than my ones


    Node: Latency, CPU, Memory



    Below are few more examples for other Orion objects:


    Interface: Utilisation, Traffic, Throughput, Errors, Discards



    Component: CPU Load, Physical Memory, Virtual Memory, I/O Read/Write Ops per sec, Stats Data, Response Time



    Volume: % Used, Total Used, Latency, DQL, IOPS



    IP SLA: MOS, Latency, Packet Loss, Jitter

    Not that fancy as we were running it for a few weeks only - I will replace snapshot after a year ...



    That's it! It is extremely simple concept, very easy to setup (although takes some time to fiddle with zoom levels and aggregation settings) and then, magically, with just one click - you become a super-hero, knowing at-a-glance your historical trends at different zoom levels, deviations, sudden jumps, steep incline/decline and can even do capacity predictions and planning to some extent (although for the capacity you have some other dedicated charts you can also experiment in a similar fashion)



    To Your Monitoring Success,