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    Welcome to the VMAN Beta forum and thank you for participating in the Beta program for Virtualization Manager 7.0 (VMAN 7.0).  Please post beta feedback here in the Virtualization Manager Beta forum on Thwack.

    Your feedback on the beta is key to developing the best version of Virtualization Manager possible.  As an added incentive beta users who submit feedback will receive 3,000 Thwack points to buy swag at the Thwack Store.  In addition the first 25 users to submit feedback will receive this Rage against the Virtual Machine shirt.




    What is included in Beta 1:


    • Updated UI Look and Feel - This release updated the SolarWinds Orion Web Console’s user interface, navigation, and notifications.


    • Predictive Recommendations - Advanced trending analysis is used to identify workload patterns of your virtual infrastructure to provide strategic recommendations. Based on historical data and trending, recommendations are created for Performance Optimization, Maximum Environment Utilization, and Problem Prevention.  Since these recommendations require historical data a minimum of 7 days of data is required.
        • Performance Optimization - Recommendations balance the workload of the virtual infrastructure to ensure the best performance is attained.  Based on historical trending, VMAN will identify the true work load patterns, and determine where to place VMs. This ensures that all VMs have the necessary resources and that VMs residing on the same host have compatible workloads.
        • Maximum Environment Utilization - The goal of these recommendations is to ensure that the resources in the environment are leveraged to their full capacity with no loss to perfromance.  Essentially, do more with less!!
        • Problem Prevention  - These recommendations prevent situations where a lack of resources caused by resource depletion would affect the performance of a VM.


    • Real-Time RecommendationsThese are tactical recommendations are that are meant to solve an immediate problem.  Think of these as alert recommendations, where their sole purpose is to resolve virtualization issues (aka put out an immediate fire)  or capacity issues as a result of an alert.  Since VMAN does not use historical data to make real-time recommendation it does not take into account future workloads when making the recommendation. Therefore only 30 mins of polling is required for VMAN to generate any necessary Real-Time Recommendations.  These recommendations can be identified with a NOW icon preceding the recommendation.




    ***The beta is not a full feature release and contains a subset of features in order to obtain focused feedback.***  Upgrades for betas are not supported.


    Goal of the Beta

    While you're using the beta, here's a few questions to get you thinking of feedback that will help us make the product better:


    • Is there enough contextual data to understand why a specific recommendation was provided?
    • Are the recommendation strategic goals clear?
    • Is there enough data for you to trust the recommendation?  If not, determine what type of data is missing.  If so what was was the best part of the recommendations?
    • VMAN may bundle multiple dependent actions into a single recommendation to achieve the strategic goal of getting your virtual infrastructure to a better performance state for the long term.  Is this clear?
    • Does your environment contain a use case that VMAN recommendations is not addressing?  If so what is the use case?


    Recommendations Walk-through


    Header 1Header 2

    Once you log into your VMAN integrated Orion Instance  you will immediately notice the updated UI and new Navigation bar.

    1. From the My Dashboards drop down choose Virtualization Summary from the list.


    Once on the Virtual Summary page the new Recommendations resource can be found in the upper right hand corner.  The recommendations resource will provide you an at-a-glance view of clusters and their associated recommendations as well as the severity of the recommendation (Critical, Warning , Low).  This will be your gateway to recommendations.  You can access and view recommendations via 2 methods in the resource.

    1. All Recommendations link -   This can be found in the upper right hand corner of the resource and will present all individual recommendations for all clusters.

    2. Recommendations by Cluster link - This can be found in the third column next to the associated cluster it represents.  Entering recommendations using this link will pre-filter all recommendations to display only those associated to the host.


    The severity references the the nature of the problem at hand based on Orion thresholds.


    The All Recommendations page provides a high level overview of individual recommendations.  This is broken out based the problem that needs to be solved on the left with the recommendation to remediate the problem on the right.  The ability to filter by cluster/Host, Recommendation Type (Real-Time/Predictive), and Problem Severity (Critical, Warning, or Low) is available on the left hands side of the screen.  Tabs across the top of the screen allow you to view current/active recommendations, *scheduled, recommendations currently running, and completed/failed recommendations.


    From this view it is easy to identify real-time recommendations with the NOW tag preceding the recommendation.








    **Scheduling of recommendations is not available in Beta 1 but will be added later.


    By selecting an individual recommendation, related contextual details can be reviewed.  The recommendation details should clearly breakdown the why and how of a recommendation to assist the administrator in making a decision to execute or ignore the action.  From here you can Apply, **Ignore, **Export & **Schedule the recommendation

    Additional actions can be found within the steps to perform tab such as power on/off the VM prior to performing the action. By default any migration action will not power off the VM unless the admin specifies.  All reconfiguration of Memory & CPU will power off the VM by default unless specified by the admin.




    **Ignoring, Exporting & Scheduling will be added to the beta at a later time.


    The Statistics tab provided advance graphical data to provide context of the what and why a recommendation has been created for your environment.  All graphs will have a Now delimiter line in the graph to identify the expected results on the virtual environment after the proposed recommendation is applied.  In addition metrics associated to counters used for the recommendation will provide a current and predicted value.


    TIP:  You can zoom in on the graph by selecting a section and sliding your cursor  across the graph.




    Just like the Steps to Perform tab the recommendation can be applied, ignored or exported.


    To view running recommendations choose the RUNNING tab on the all recommendations page.  Running will provide you the current status of an in-progress recommendation with a progress bar indicator next to the action being run.  To cancel a running recommendation select Cancel & Revert .


    To view all past recommendations choose the HISTORY tab on the all recommendations page.  This will display both successful and failed recommendation attempts as well as time initiated and time completed.


    Double click on the completed recommendation to view details such as who executed the action and steps performed in the action.






    Please also note, you cannot contact Support regarding beta issues.  Please post any questions, comments, or issues you encounter to the Virtualization Manager Beta forum and the Product Manager or a member of the development team will work with you directly.