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    Hello thwack-Community!


    In this Article I'll describe an issue with one Windows Update and NPM which can save a lot of work searching for a failure reason.


    But first some details about my installation:

    • Network Performance Monitor v11.5.2
    • Network Configuration Management v7.4
    • Netflow Traffic Analyzer v4.1.1
    • User Device Tracker v3.2.2
    • Quality of Experience v2.0
    • Orion Platform v2015.1.2

    Its all on the same server, but its a powerful VM.

    • System: Windows Server 2008R2


    Now the Problem: Last week, i connected via RDP to the Server an mentioned that the CPU Load was permanently at 100%. I thought this could be normal, maybe there is a maintenance running.

    But it lasts during the next few hours and until the next day. After a few attempts reinstalling some Services there was no improvement.

    Further there were problems with the Webportal:


    So there was no endpoint listening at net.tcp(...). I wondered what that mean but found nothing which worked.

    The case was quickly processed by a SolarWinds technician.

    He wrote that the Windows Update removed the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 (x86) lately.

    So i reinstalled the vcredist.exe which can be foun here:
    And that fixed my Problem. After one restart everything went on like it was before.

    So i saved a lot of work searching for the failure reason.

    Unfortunately i dont know which Windows Update triggered that issue, maybe some of you know it then please let me know and will add it.



    Have a nice week!

    Best Regards