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    Welcome to the SAM Beta Forum, and thank you again agreeing to help us with the SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor 6.3 Beta. Beta 3 is now available for download and includes several exciting new features which we are eager to receive feedback on.  As always, we ask that you post this beta feedback here in the SAM beta forum on Thwack.


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    Below is a brief outline of the new features included in this beta release. [ * =  New in Beta 3]




    All Linux Agents installed using previous betas (SAM 6.3 beta 2) MUST be manually uninstalled prior to deploying Linux Agents from SAM 6.3 Beta 3. Linux Agents in SAM 6.3 Beta 2 are not upgradable to SAM 6.3 Beta 3. Any attempt to deploy a Linux agent to a machine currently running an older Linux Agent version from SAM 6.3 Beta 2 will result in error.


    To manually uninstall the Linux Agent from your machine, run the appropriate command for your distribution below.


    Red Hat / CentOS

    rpm -e swagent


    Ubuntu / Debian

    apt-get --purge remove swagent



    • High Availability
      • Fully integrated into the Orion web interface (Detailed Information Below)
      • New in Beta 3 *
        • Simplified Offline Installation (No Additional Download Required)
        • Delete High Availability Pools
        • Manually Switchover From Within the Orion Web Interface
        • Disable Specific High Availability Pools to Prevent Failover
        • Globally Disable High Availability on All Pools
        • Improved VIP Validation
        • Support for Additional Polling Engines
        • Email Alert Notifications When Failovers Occur
        • Additional HA Failure Scenarios Supported
          • Database Server Connectivity Loss
          • Network Connectivity Loss


    We welcome and encourage you to thoroughly test this beta in a high availability configuration within your environment if possible. To meet the redundancy requirements of a High Availability configuration, you will need one additional physical or virtual server to serve as the secondary Orion host in the event of a failure of the primary. Similarly, you also need a separate host which serves as the SQL database server for the primary and secondary Orion servers.


    High Availability Requirements

    • Two servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
      • Both primary and secondary servers must reside on the same IP subnet.
      • Additional available IP address on the same subnet as the primary and secondary servers for use as the VIP.
      • Windows Server OS version, edition, or bitness need not match between primary and secondary servers.
      • Primary and secondary servers may be optionally joined to a Windows domain
      • High Availability supports the following configurations of primary and secondary servers.
        • Physical to Physical
        • Physical to Virtual
        • Virtual to Virtual
        • Virtual to Physical
    • A separate server running SQL 2008 or later.
      • This server does not need to reside on the same subnet as the primary and secondary Orion server
      • Any Microsoft SQL edition may be used, including SQL Express
      • Bonus points for utilizing a SQL Cluster



    Example High Availability Configuration




    Please also note, you cannot contact Support regarding beta issues.  Please post any questions, comments, or issues you encounter to the Server & Application Monitor Thwack beta forum and the Product Manager or a member of the development team will work with you directly.


    Download SAM 6.3 Beta 3 Now.png