Version 4

    This Custom Linux Script Monitor determines whether there are Stale NFS Mounts on the host.  Perl is required on target host Command Line info (below) can be default - script does not call.


    Future enhancements could be made to do the following;

    Use command line variables to;

    • Set file (/tmp/nfsCheck) location - Currently hard coded
    • Set File System Type - Currently hard coded "Type nfs"



    • Changed exit 1 in the if statement to exit 0.  SAM won't output the statistic nor message if the component reports Down.
    • Changed the Critical Threshold from "greater than 1" to "greater than 0".
    • Removed "arg1 arg2" from the Command Line field.
    • Changed Script Working Directory from "<7 spaces>" to "/tmp"
    • Changed Component Monitor Name from "Linux/Unix Script Monitor" to "Overall Mount Point Status"