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    I made this template for monitoring my AIX boxes with HACMP cluster on my SAP systems.the template was tenting on AIX 7.1.


    Objetive: Monitor state HACMP Cluster services on AIX.

    Description: Template monitoring cluster state.


    step to implement


    Create at O.S level one user, may be: solarw


    #adduser solarw

    #passwd solarw


    the user need to have permissions to execute this HACMP commands, configure this with sudo. Example sudo file:


    User_Alias ADMIN = solarw

    ADMIN           ALL= NOPASSWD: ALL


    note:this is a expample file, for more secure level implement with more restrictions (man sudo ).


    At Solar wind create the template with bash script UNIX with this caracteristics:






    in the body script implement this code:




    #Monitorea estado del cluster HACMP

    #Pedro Gonzalez Santibañez - 11/05/2016

    clustat=`sudo /bin/su - root -c '/usr/es/sbin/cluster/utilities/clmgr -a state query cluster'  > /tmp/cluster.log`

    state=`sed -e 's/"//g' /tmp/cluster.log | sed -e 's/STATE=//g'`

    if [ $state = STABLE ]


       echo "Message: Cluster state HACMP OK $state"

       echo "Statistic: 1"


        echo "Message: Servicio de Cluster con problemas - Revisar servicios HACMP $state"

        echo "Statistic: 0"




    then the monitor work without problems:





    The command monitoring cluster HACMP service state. reference link:



    Next step is implement more component for monitoring nodes and resources of cluster.




    Pedro González Santibañez.