Version 7

    1. What are the advantages to linking my THWACK account to my Customer Portal account?

    Linking the two accounts together will give you the ability to navigate between these two properties without having to login.  Once linked you will be able to see the products you own within THWACK, as well as allow you to see renewal dates, renew licenses, open support tickets, review existing support tickets, gain quick visibility and access to beta’s for the products you own, and so much more to come!


    2. How do I link my THWACK account to my Customer Portal Account or “IUA”?

    First you will need to go to your profile page and pull down the menu under “Actions”.


    Next, select “Link Customer Portal account” and you will be given a quick synopsis on the benefits to linking your THWACK and Customer Portal accounts.


    Finally, you will be asked to enter your Individual User Account credentials, which are your company email address and your chosen password. If you have any settings in THWACK to remember your username and password, please make sure when you are prompted to enter your IUA that you don’t enter your THWACK credentials. You will see below in the example that my IUA is completely different from my THWACK credentials. I am not mrs.alterego on the Customer Portal side of the house.



    3. Can I unlink my account at any time?

    Yes, you will have complete control over whether your accounts are linked. If you want to unlink your account, you simply go to your THWACK profile page, select the drop down under “Actions” and select “Unlink Customer Portal Account”.  All ties back to the Customer Portal account are completely erased from the database the minute you unlink the accounts.



    4. What if I have multiple SWID’s that are linked to my individual user profile?

    When you are in your Customer Portal, you may have chosen to link additional SWID’s to your user profile, therefore, we will show all your licenses. If your Individual User Profile is only attached to one SWID, even if your company has other SWID’s, we will only show the products/SWID’s you have linked to your Individual User Profile. Also, if you have multiple Customer Portal accounts, we can only link to one of them.



    5. Will anyone else see information regarding my licenses when viewing my THWACK account?

    No, the only person that has visibility into information we share from Customer Portal is you. At no point will that ever be visible to anyone in the community.



    6. What if there are multiple people in my organization on the SWID?

    The account linking is only for you. When you created your Individual User Profile in the Customer Portal, you were given your own, private profile with your own password, so there is no chance anyone else in your organization will be linked to your THWACK account.



    7. What if I leave my company? Will I lose my THWACK account? Can I link a new account?

    If you leave your company, you can unlink your account at any time. Follow the instructions in question #2. If you leave your company and start working at a different company that owns SolarWinds products, you can choose to link your account to the new company account by selecting “Link Customer Portal Account” and entering in your new Customer Portal Individual User Profile credentials. Your THWACK account will always stay the same regardless of your employment. If you leave your company and work for a new company that does not own SolarWinds products, you will want to unlink your accounts because your old company will remove you from the Customer Portal and your connection will break, but again, your THWACK account will remain your own!



    8. Even though my accounts are linked, I am still being asked to log into Customer Portal. Does this mean the accounts are not linked?

    No. We are working on removing this inconvenience, but if you are asked to log into Customer Portal, it does not mean your accounts aren’t “linked”. There is simply a timeout happening on the log in that we will be addressing in the near future.


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