Version 8


    This started after i read this article about how a Comcast user took his raspberry pi to run and then post the results to Twitter. After reading the article I thought it would be awesome to be able to run from SAM. The original script is written in Python, I spent some time modifying the actual Python script and ran into some snags. After I thought about it some more I decided to just wrap the Python script in Powershell. This allows it to function better in SAM and allows me to simply update the python script if there are updates without having to rewrite everything.


    The Output is stated in Mbits/sec.


    Also allows for historical trending.




    • Install Python on your Orion server. The installer can be located here.
      • The scripts assumes that Python is installed here: C:\Python34\
    • Download and save the script on your Orion server here. Recommend placing the file in it's own folder like C:\SolarwindsScripts\ or C:\Scripts.




    Once the template has been imported you just need to edit the script and make sure that path to where you have the python script saved is correct. This script currently has the file set to:

    1. $SpeedtestScript="C:\SolarWindsScripts\python\"
    2. Test



    For troubleshooting you can view the log. The log also contains successful attempts too.