Version 1

    When installing DPA, you can use MySQL as a DPA Repository.  To connect to a MySQL repository, you'll need the server name or IP address, port, and a user with the right credentials.  You can let DPA create the user or provide one.

    DPA will officially support MySQL 5.6, 5.7 and Percona 5.6.   We aren't officially supporting other distributions, but we expect them to work.

    After install, DPA will prompt you to create the DPA repository.

    Select MySQL and press Next.

    Choose the type of user you want to use:

    • Repository user: an admin user so we can create the DPA monitoring account
    • Privileged user: a user that already has the privileges need to monitor:

    Here, I have chosen a repository user, and I'll need to update the script with the appropriate data.

    Enter the credentials for the login you just created.

    Name the DPA repository.

    Enter you name and email information.

    Just click Create Repository to finish.

    You should see the message "Repository has been created" in green.

    Congrats - you've got DPA using MySQL as a repository.

    Post here if you have any questions or problems with MySQL as a repository.