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    I've created some Powershell scripts that call into Slack's API and pass the necessary info from Orion. This works great to receive alerts to a specific Slack channel.



    • Need to install Powershell v3 or greater on your Solarwinds Orion server. We specifically use the Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet. You can download that here.
    • Need to create a team with Slack if you have not already done so.
      • Need to setup an incoming Web Hook. Here is a link that talks about how that can be set up.
    • Download the scripts at links right below this section
      • Place them in a directory on your Orion server
      • Edit each script and fill out the necessary sections in the beginning. That information is most likely going to be exactly the same for each script.



    Below are links that outline different alert types in Orion, each with it's own instructions and custom Powershell script.

    Slack - Alert Integration - Node

    Slack - Alert Integration - Node CPU

    Slack - Alert Integration - Node Memory

    Slack - Alert Integration - Node Disk

    Slack - Alert Integration - Node Response Time

    Slack - Alert Integration - Node Packet Loss

    Slack - Alert Integration - Interface

    Slack - Alert Integration - Application

    Slack - Alert Integration - Component



    Screenshot of how this is formatted in Slack.

    2016-05-05 14_30_05-Slack - LehiSalesEngineering.png



    Please check back often to see if there have been any improvements or bug fixes to this script.


    **Change Log**

    • 2016-03-01 : Initial release
    • 2016-03-18 : Added new scripts and refreshed already existing ones.
    • 2016-05-06 : Major overhaul. revamped message to Slack attachments for better formatting. Please also update your 'Network path to external program' in the alert action as some variables have been changed/added.



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