Version 1

    flow exporter Solarwinds-export1


    source vlan10                                    ////change vlan10 to your source interface name


    destination                             ////change to your NTA server's IP


    transport udp 2055


    template data timeout 60






    flow record Solarwinds-record1


    Match ipv4 tos


    match ipv4 source address


    match ipv4 destination address


    match ipv4 protocol


    match transport source-port


    match transport destination-port


    collect transport tcp flags


    collect interface input


    collect flow sampler


    collect counter bytes long


    collect counter packets long


    collect timestamp sys-uptime first


    collect timestamp sys-uptime last






    sampler Solarwinds-SampleTest1


    mode random 1 out-of 100






    flow monitor Solarwinds-Monitor1


    cache timeout active 60


    cache timeout inactive 120


    record Solarwinds-record1


    exporter Solarwinds-export1






    int range gigabitEthernet 1/0/1 - 50               ////interfaces you want to export netflow from


    ip flow monitor Solarwinds-Monitor1 sampler Solarwinds-SampleTest1 input