Version 1

    Switching over an Orion website from http to https is relatively simple.  But to have it automagically redirect from http to https is a bit more involved.


    1) Orion http to https

         a) UPDATE dbo.Websites
              SET SSLEnabled=1
              WHERE WebSiteID=1

         b) Create a CSR and have the client provide the certificate

         c) Install the certificate

          d) stop the default site (also change the binding to 8080 - just to be safe).  create bindings for Orion for https using the imported certificate


    2) http to https redirection using URL Rewrite

        a) install URL rewrite for IIS and add a rule for redirection.

         b) Configure rule


    That's it.


    One thing I have noticed is that if you're using additional web servers behind a load balancer - google maps may not work properly.  You will have to rewrite the google maps code to use https.




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